February 20, 2012
"I don't even know Chuck."

If you’re not from Minnesota, you might not know that there’s a modest little music club here called First Avenue. Or maybe the name of the club rouses some far-off memory drawn from glammy Prince movies or low-quality YouTube videos of The Replacements. (Or, if you’re like 20, from low-quality YouTube videos of Doomtree?)

Anyway, Andrea Swensson, now a writer for The Current, recently did an interview with Conrad Sverkerson, the club’s stage manager for the past 22 years. (He’s also one of my mom’s many little brothers.)

If you’re not into old guys talking about old rock clubs, it’s still worth skipping to the 42:00 mark in the link above just to listen to uncle Con talk about waking up a sleeping Chuck D backstage. “I went into the dressing room and I was talking to Terminator X…” (He also sort of rips into Technotronic?)

One sort of adorable(?) thing about both the article and the radio interview is how apparently terrifying First Avenue’s chief babysitter is. “Sverkerson carries himself with an air of authority and has earned a reputation as an enigmatic, intimidating persona.” (Anyone who thinks he’s intimidating obviously hasn’t met uncle Billy?)

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