March 9, 2012

I saw a little item on NOTCOT today that brought to mind a moving juxtaposition.

Cars murdered out. Then ghost.

(A murdered out car or truck has been turned all black [preferably matte], including black rims. A ghost car, in this instance, is an automobile that has been hidden by a white sheet.) 

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November 10, 2010
October Thoughts

10/4: I played with cars.

10/5: I played with cars.

10/7: I played with cars.

10/11: I like to push the lawnmower around.

10/12: I was playin’ with the round ball.

10/14: I played with cars.

10/25: I rode in the car.

10/26: I played with my xylophone.

[My kid’s name, pre-school name and child-lead teaching method redacted.]

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